Vossebelt builds a diverse range of products, all with one thing in common: quality that lasts.



Perform small repair jobs without having to recharge asphalt in the meantime with the Vossebelt hotbox.



Vossebelt manufactures various types of tipper: two and three-sided tippers, rear tippers, trailer tippers and roller tippers.



Containers have been one of Vossebelt’s specialities for many years now. That is not surprising, as the high quality and robust finish of our containers sets them apart


Belt unloaders

If there is no space for a traditional tipper, or if the dosed delivery of goods is important, the belt unloader comes into its own.


Loading beds

Whether you are looking for a standard, special, robust or light variant, Vossebelt has a loading bed for every application.


Special constructions

Vossebelt also draws on its skill and expertise to manufacture special products. We are able to produce simple components in accordance with supplied drawings


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