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Belt unloaders

If there is no space for a traditional tipper, or if the dosed delivery of goods is important, the belt unloader comes into its own. Vossebelt’s belt unloaders stand out on account of their quality, stability and very low tare weight. Combined with the excellent dosability they offer, this means our belt unloaders are indispensable if you need to unload asphalt, sand, gravel or rubble.

High-quality steel and heat-resistant rubber

The top section of the belt unloader consists of an insulated hopper, the inside of which is lined with high-quality steel. A hydraulically-driven unloading belt at the bottom of the belt unloader carries the load out through a tailgate, which is opened and closed pneumatically. In this system the unloading belt is made from a specially developed type of heat-resistant rubber. The belt rests on high-quality supports.

Flexible and stable

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Using an unloading belt to unload goods takes up less space. This means our belt unloaders are perfect for use in tunnels and underneath trees, overhead cables, matrix boards and other overhead obstacles. The belt unloading system also offers improved stability. After all, there is no longer any need to perform tipping on an uneven surface. As no tipping takes place, there is also no need to use a front lift cylinder. This means the structure can be installed just behind the cab. The load can therefore be distributed better, ensuring an optimum axle load.