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Vossebelt Geesbrug - kippers van kwalititeit - #wemakesteelwork

The current method of transporting asphalt intended for road repairs leaves something to be desired. Both quantity and quality are often found to be too low. Vossebelt presented a new type of warming container (or hotbox) at the ‘Transport Compleet Beurs’ in 2015. In this machine all the asphalt is kept at the same temperature over a very long period. Doing multiple repair jobs in one day without recharging in the meantime? This is possible with this warming container. You save travel time and fuel and therefore you can perform more repairs within a shorter period of time. The hot box is produced entirely according to your wishes.

Constant temperature of the asphalt

The container is manufactured from high-quality wear-resistant steel and offers excellent insulation. The double-walled construction has a rock wool insulation, and energy-efficient and clean diesel burners. All this leads to the transport of a higher quantity of asphalt that is kept at a constant temperature and therefore also remains of very good quality. No more loss of asphalt due to too high or too low temperatures!

Vossebelt produces this customized warming container / hotbox for you. Wish to know more? Please contact us.

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