Vossebelt: builder and supplier of tippers, containers and belt unloaders

Tippers, containers, loading beds and belt unloaders: all manufactured in house. At Vossebelt we not only sell these essential products for the road haulage industry – we actually build them ourselves. Our quality therefore sets us apart and we offer customers the very best service. We can fit our tippers to a chassis, in combination with a truck-mounted crane if required. In addition, we have developed cover systems that allow you to protect your loads. These systems can be fitted to both new and existing products.

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Vossebelt profileert zich met mooie producten op de Truckersdag te Staphorst

Zaterdag 27 september is er in Staphorst een mooie Truckersdag! Op deze dag zal er veel te doen zijn op het evenemententerrein.


Vossebelt levert 9 stuks slibdichte containers aan de Dunnewind Groep te Ommen

Vossebelt levert momenteel 9 stuks containers uit aan de Dunnewind Groep te Ommen.


Vossebelt launches roller tipper for the agricultural industry onto the market

Vossebelt is expanding its product range to include a roller tipper for the agricultural industry.


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